General road construction 

As the world grows in population and becomes increasingly interconnected, infrastructure needs grow ever more. In developing countries, road networks have deteriorated and will require significant investments over the next several years. Many countries have a strong need to build out their transportation networks to connect growing cities, ports and villages.  
CIVICOM   helps accomplish this cost-effectively and save up to 30% in road building cost.


Rural roads 

For ecologically sensitive projects that seek   environmentally safe product and processes to keep their projects green, CIVICOM becomes an easy choice.  CIVICOM is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, natural multi-enzyme product — no poly-carbons , plastics or oil are used.
CIVICOM  usage profile allows for the use of simple equipment and in-situ soil, incomparably  reducing time, cost and environmental impact.


Maintenance and repairs

The most typical road problems are cracks, pot holes, and rutting. Caused by conditions on the top layer, a strong sub-base can mitigate these problems by slowing and reducing their spread. 
CIVICOM strengthens the road bed and actually grows stronger over time. This mitigates damage below the road surface and ultimately reduces maintenance costs significantly.
CIVICOM can significantly reduce road  maintenance costs by up to 60%


Building library
Civicom is contracting company. We specialize in building  offices, restaurants, warehouses, estates, apartments, bungalows, condominiums, houses, shopping malls, industrial parks and  others of any size
We understand our customers needs and ensure that we go the extra mile by meeting the required standard, budget and time frame
 PRE-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES                                                                                                   
  i) Environmental impact assessment report                                                                                                          ii) Building master plan                                                                                                                                                          iii)Conceptual Budgeting                                                                                                                                                   iv) Life-Cycle Analysis                                                                                                                                                           v) scheduling                                                                                                                                                                                vi) Phase Analysis                             
The importance of repairs is to bring building and asset back to an earlier condition or to keep the asset operating at its present condition.
CIVICOM’s maintenance and repair services include:-
  1. Day to day repairs
  2. Special/Annual repairs
  3. Additions and Alterations
  4. Preventative maintenance

Duct Cleaning for Industrial and Commercial Ventilation Systems

Over a sustained period, dust and bacteria contamination build ups can occur within the ventilation in buildings, leading to a reduced and affected air quality. This build up is more common in large office blocks, factories, depots, warehouses and manufacturing plants. Our specialists clean more frequently depending on usage.

It is good to ensure that air ducts and smoke vent systems are free of any impurities that could lead to ill health or, more serious incidents. These systems should provide effective ventilation/filtration when cleaned professionally

Civicom will provide:
  • Full and transparent ventilation risk assessment
  • Maintenance and surveys of all ducting
  • A complete ventilation ducting clean
  • House fire safety compliance
Civicom Plumber Division

We specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining pipes, fixtures and other plumbing used for water/liquids distribution and waste disposal in commercial and industrial or residential buildings.

As fully licensed contractor, we serve homeowners, commercial builders and residential builders or others in installation of pipes/water tank, sewer and water line repair, replacement, and a full line of liquids 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Our services include:-

  • Complete plumbing services
  • Sewer repair and replacement
  • New water and sewer lines installation
  • Trench less installation technical for outside water and sewer lines
  • Camera sewer inspection
  • Line location services
  • Drain and sewer cleaning services
  • Replacing faucets
  • Water heater installation​
  • ​Installing new plumbing systems
  • ​And much more

Coming soon

We specialize in installing in residential and commercial 

  • plumbing drainage and sanitary fittings
  • Refrigeration   
  • Cold rooms
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Kitchen and laundry equipment and refuse disposals systems
  • Boilers
  • incinerators and pressure vessels
  • Solar heating systems
  • Water tanks
  • Treatment plant and pumping plant
  • Compressed air
  • Hydraulic
  • LP and mechanical gas installation
  • Cranes and hoists
  • Fire engineering services
  • Health club facilities
  • Borehole equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Mobile shelving
  • Roof rain-water harvesting
  • Laboratory installation and fume cupboards
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Oil storage
  • Pumping reticulations


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