Construction Works

  • Road Works
  • building Works
  • Water Works
  • Mechanical Works
  • Demolitions & Repairs
  • Bill of Quantities (BQ)             Call Us : +254 412 240 882                                 Open 24 hours 7 days   

Cargo Handling

    • Global Freight  (air, sea, road)
    • Customs clearance
    • Cargo Consolidation
    • Break bulk shipment
    • Warehousing & Insurance 

            Email:                 Call Us: +254 412 240 882                                  Open 24 hours 7 days                   

Real Estate

  • Residential & commercial to let
  • Residential & commercial for sale
  • Industrial land for sale       
  • Short lets                                               Email:

        Call Us: +254 412 240 882                                  Open 24 hours 7 days 



  • Commercial Estates
  • Residential Estates
  • Tenders
  • Loans                                                            Email:          Call Us : +254 412 240 882                Open 24 hours 7 days                                                                                  

We answer phone calls and reply to emails 24 hours 7 days 

Our Vision

Our Vision                                                                                      To be the Constructor-Real Estate-Cargo Handler-investment benchmark against which our competitors are measured

Our Mission

Our Mission                                                                                  To organize and make Construction-Real Estate-Cargo Freight-investments accessible and useful to clients & investors

What We Do

What We Do                                                                                At Civicom, we provide Meaningful services to importers, exporters, tenants & developers, jobs, and Income generating projects 

1 Billion

1 Billion                                                            We establish 1 B (1 Billion dollars) assets in form of Buildings, Cash in bank, motors & Investments by 2030

5 Projects

5 Projects                                                        Acquire 5 multi billion projects per year in form of Real Estate Investments, tenders & Loans including freight                                  

1 Million

1 Million                                                        We look to improve 5 million lives of our Investors, Clients, Employees & Communities we work in

SEU Staff

SEU Staff                                                        Our SEU ( Skilled, Experienced, United) staff works on Well Defined Roles & Expected Out comes

Why Civicom

Why Civicom                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We are more than service provider and investment platform. Every day, our projects change the way the world looks and improve the way it works. And because we do more, you will too.

Challenge yourself, and you’ll do truly impressive work. Control your career, and you’ll grow like never before. Explore our business, and you’ll enjoy a richer experience. And we’ll support you all the way.

Jonathan Munyany
Geoffrey Korir
Evalyne Kirui
Kennedy Otieno
Rhodah Pharidah
Joseph Charo


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No open chances

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