Road Works

Today as the world economy becomes increasingly open to free trade, the Civicom is drawing on its know-how and business activities related to the road construction industry – accumulated over the years.

The Civicom will continue to pursue its fundamental strategy of identifying and pursuing growth opportunities in the construction industry with the objective of further expanding its presence and scope as an African enterprise.

Roads connect people, cities, and countries. They are the arteries of the world and the basis for global interaction.

Preconstruction phase


Civicom staff, perform numerous steps with the construction process, but the very first one is the preconstruction phase, which involve all the planning, budgeting and coordination are completed prior to the start of the actual construction

Road Repairs & Maintenance
Building Works

With hospitals, shopping centers, universities and schools, housing projects or leisure properties as well as commercial properties ranging from office buildings to logistics centers, Civicom’s service portfolio comprises all types of structures.

We understand our customers’ needs and ensure that we go the extra mile by meeting the required standard, budget and time frame

Pre-building Works 

 i) Environmental impact assessment report

ii) Building a master plan

iii)Conceptual Budgeting

iv) Life-Cycle Analysis

v) scheduling

Maintaining pipes, fixtures and other plumbing used for water/liquids distribution and waste disposal in commercial and industrial or residential buildings.

As fully licensed contractor, we serve homeowners, commercial builders and residential builders or others in installation of pipes/water tank, sewer and water line repair, replacement, and a full line of liquids

Water Works
Civicom is an international construction company established in 2013. The company specialized in oil pipeline construction, gas pipeline construction, water pipeline construction, pump station & compressor station construction.
Civicom successfully performed numerous projects for the last five years. The purpose of Civicom Construction Company is to complete the commitments it undertakes, and further stand reliable and trustworthy in this competitive market. In order to succeed these core values and missions, Civicom construction Company is determined to become an indispensable organization by creating additional values for its clients
Mechanical Works

We install, and maintain all kinds of mechanical machinery, tool and components.

roads & Buildings

Our staff repairand  Maintenance of buildings. … It is the work we undertake to restore or improve every facility in every part of a building , its services and surroundings to currently accepted standards and to sustain utility values of the facility.


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